Central London

Featuring old photographs, images, pictures of Central London, Our images include all the main streets and buildings, including buildings that did not survive the blitz. The old photographs start from the Victorian 1850s and take you on a journey right up to the current time.

These Central London pictures are part of the growing NetXPosure Image Library, where each vintage image has been through our extensive image restoration process.

London - A view from Southwark Cathedral c1930s - N157

Southwark Cathedral in London c1930s

London - Aldwych and Strand c1930s - N3528

The Aldwych and Strand in London c1930s

London - Aldwych, Bush House c1930s - N202

Bush House, Aldwych in London c1930s

London - Aldwych, Gaiety Theatre with Coronation Decorations c1911 - N4872

Coronation Decorations, Gaiety Theatre, The Aldwych in Central London c1911

London - Baker Street c1900s - N4860

Baker Street in Central London c1900s

London - Baker Street c1950s - N314

Baker Street and Marylebone Road with a passing London Taxi (FX3) in London c1950s

London - Bank Junction c1920s - N663

Bank Junction in the City of London c1920s

London - Bank Junction with Queen Victoria Street and Poultry c1953 - N4231

Bank Junction with Queen Victoria Street and Poultry in The City Of London c1953