London Life

Old images and photos of London Life introducing the characters of London long gone.

Many trades of London are included, and many obsolete trades. The vintage photos start from the Victorian 1850s right up to the current time.

The London Life photographs are part of the ever increasing NetXPosure Image Library, where each old picture has been through our extensive image restoration process.

London - Buses c1900s - N3151

Buses of London c1900s

London - Buses c1910s - N1161

Buses of London c1910s

London - Buses, Number 43 c1910s - N3256

Number 43 Bus in London c1910s

London - Central, Street Hawker c1900s - N4330

Street Hawker in Central London c1900s

London - Docks & The Gaugers c1900s - N794

Gaugers at work in the Docks of London c1900s

London - Embankment Bench c1900s - N2329

The Embankment in Central London c1900s

London - Fleet Street by Ludgate Circus c1890s - N3950

Fleet Street by Ludgate Circus in London c1890s

London - Fleet Street by Shoe Lane c1938 - N012

Fleet Street in London c1938